Kickstarter launch-date is June 4th 2012

Now thatThe Banner Bagis ready for launch we will activate our funding project tomorrow evening, 6 pm Beijing time. (10 am on Coordinated universal time, London, Reykjavík)

The Kickstarter funding will be open for 45 days and our goal is to rais 8.000$. We have various options for purchase and any small contribution will get a step closer to our goal.

Awsome bag is awsome

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Welcome to The Banner Bag Blog!

Gyda and I have been living in China for almost a year now. China is a fast-paced, constantly growing and changing country. Because of this, many things are coming and going, businesses are born and disappear shortly after all the time. Many of these businesses use large vinyl or woven polypropylene banners for their advertisement, which are discarded after the campaign. All those materials are often re-used for various purposes (storage facilities, “home made” barracks or stripping of the vinyl or polypropylene from its woven threads) although loads of this material once a campaign is over is disposed of or recycled using methods that pollute. More often than not these materials will be around after the businesses they were advertising are long gone!

We want to take a small step towards a cleaner tomorrow by making something useful out of these materials. Disposable plastic bags (especially for grocery shopping) are slowly being rendered illegal in many countries (the entire state of Hawaii just banned them), and new re-usable bags are more and more popular to substitute our old horribly polluting methods.
The Banner Bag wishes to provide unique, attractive and trendy tote bags that also give a helping hand to cleaning up our precious planet.

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